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Larvell Jones Michael Winslow Police Academy Signed Photo

Larvell Jones Michael Winslow Police Academy Signed Photo

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Police Academy is a 1984 American comedy film directed by Hugh Wilson in his directorial debut, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Its story follows a new recruitment policy for an unnamed police department's academy that is required to take in any recruit who wishes to try out to be a police officer. The film stars Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Michael Winslow and G.W. Bailey.

The film was produced by The Ladd Company. It premiered on March 23, 1984. It grossed $8.5 million in its opening weekend and over $149 million worldwide, against a budget of $4.5 million, and remains the most successful film of the series as of 2022.

The film spawned six sequels in the Police Academy franchise.

Cadet/Off./Sgt. Larvell Jones played by Michael Winslow.

Jones was one of the key characters in the series and is famous for making sound effects with his voice. He is one of the characters often remembered from the films, as he uses his vocal ability to make noises to play pranks and deceive both criminals and authority figures.

Jones met Mahoney when they were both arrested by cops. Mahoney pulls some strings with Captain Reid to bring Jones with him to the academy.

Jones can imitate sounds such as a flat tire, a couple noisily eating fast food, gunfire, and, memorably, a badly-dubbed martial arts star. Jones has expertise in martial arts, which he continues to use throughout the series to great success, often mimicking kung fu voice-over, as he does so.

Other times he uses his sound-effects ability solely to amuse himself, such as one time at the academy when he imagines himself playing a game of Space Invaders and makes all the known sound effects from that video game.

In the sixth movie, he leapt onstage at a nightclub during a blackout (in uniform, declaring, "The Metropolitan Police Department proudly presents... me."), and launched into a string of impressions, thus keeping the audience from rioting.

He also has an ability to communicate with parrots, training them to call Captain Harris a "dork." Jones and Tackleberry are the only characters to appear in all of the movies, the animated series and the television series.

The character's vocal ability was an added trait by his actor Michael Winslow, who can make sounds and noises with his voice and mouth in real life. In the animated series he was partners with Mahoney and in the live action series where he usually visits the academy and help the new cadets out.

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